Title SHINHWA Medical, Non-surgical Spine Treatment System IP
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SHINHWA Medical is a leader in ‘Non-surgical spine treatment system’ and in ‘Multi-healing bed’ since 2002, its establishment.

The company has a track record of domestic installations throughout the nation and exports to more than 10 countries at the moment. 


Spine MT K-1 is a ‘Non-surgical Spine Treatment System’ for patients suffering especially  ‘Disk (HNP, DDD), Spine Stenosis, Scoliosis, Facet Syndrome, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Sciatica etc.

Unlike other machines out on the market, Spine MT K-1 deals with muscles and chiropractic functions all integrated in it.  

The applications are physiotherapy centers, rehabilitation centers, pain centers,

sports centers, spa centers, spine centers, orthopedic centers and neurosurgery centers.  






Do you have any problem in your metabolism ?

This will make you feel the most effective change in just 10 minutes.

According to the Oriental medicine, it is very important for women to take special care of lower body for gynecological & obstetric reasons.

Our ‘Auto Healing Bed’ helps you to handle your obesity management, intestinal mobility, pelvic correction, lower body bathing and postpartum care.

It is also a multiple-system, of which motor skills stimulate your pelvis, waist and abdomen.

It is featured with 1) Cardio 2) Muscle relaxation 3) Pelvic mobility 4) Lower body bathing 4) Abdominal obesity mobility 5) Fatigue recovery