Title CLASSYS to Attend KIMES BUSAN 2019 with Aim to Expand Local Area Market Share. IP
Date 2019-10-21 View 265


-      Penetrating the medical aesthetic market of Busan and the southern regions of Korea.

-       Leader in the market and consumer satisfaction with the launch of various cartridges




[Photo 1: Ultraformer III (Shurink, domestically) Cartridges]



A global leader in medical aesthetics, CLASSYS Inc. (www.classys.com) announced that it will participate in the Korea International Medical and Hospital Equipment Show(KIMES) at the BEXCO Exhibition Center in Busan, South Korea from November 1-3 with an intent to expand and strengthen the Ultraformer III(Shurink in Domestic) Brand.


The CLASSYS brand awareness increases earlier this year with the launch of the MF2 cartridge. The new cartridge received positive reviews from both users and patients. After the success of the MF2 cartridge, CLASSYS launched the new MF6 and the MF6 cartridges, which they have been promoting through user meetings.


According to a CLASSYS representative, “As the recent aesthetic trends from Seoul are reaching Busan and surrounding southern regions, we have been putting extra effort into our preparations for KIMES BUSAN 2019 to more efficiently support our users. We aim to help all users expand their understanding and usage of the Ultraformer III by providing academic information and knowledge from KOLs.



In addition to the Ultraformer III, CLASSYS will showcase a competitive lineup of devices which include the new CLATUU ALPHA, TONURV, SCIZER and ULFIT. CLASSYS recently released an SCI report about the SCIZER titled, ‘Safety and Efficacy of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Non-invasive Abdominal Subcutaneous Fat Reduction’. CLASSYS is leading the market by continuously upgrading technology and providing relevant clinical studies. We look forward to following CLASSYS at BEXCO 2019 and keeping an eye on the innovative advancements moving forward.